"Florida Room"

Dunks (10/3/00):  Florida Room
        *       tropical counterpoint to Snowbound
        *       "Key Plantain" - presumably a fictitious name? Plantain is an edible weed with medicinal properties. One of its common names is "Waybread". In the Highlands the Plantain is still called 'Slan-lus,' or plant of healing, from a firm belief in its healing virtues. Since Chaucer there are regular references in literature to its healing powers. Many cultures believed it had strong remedial properties against poisons. In both America and New Zealand it has been called the 'Englishman's Foot' (or White Man's Foot) by aborigines, since it is a colonizing weed that sprang up wherever the English have taken possession. Longfellow refers to this in 'Hiawatha.' It disfigures lawns (cf Tomorrow's Girls) and multiplies rapidly if allowed to spread. <<http://www.botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/p/placom43.html>> Perhaps a healing memory, as opposed to the hurtful memories of In The Dunes
        *       the word Florida is contracted, pronounced with a (mock) southern accent - "Flor'da"
        *       "Where she sits and dreams" "I keep drifting back" - dreams galore in this one
        *       "We come in out of the rain" "While the city freezes over" - repeat images of shelter and escape from the elements, as in Snowbound

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