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"'The Next Thing is Next'
and it will be different."


We'll miss you, Cornelius Bumpus
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Fellow fever dreamers:
If you write--or see something cool someone else has written--about the lyrics,
PLEASE cc it to me and I'll post it.

New:  The Rajah of Anomie bares his Steely soul at "The Steely Dan Show"
Minor Dude looks through the Steely prism in "Things I Miss The Most"
Anaxagoras Frank goes shopping at "The Last Mall"
Jazem twists again to "Only A Fool"
Dr. Wu epiphanizes in  "The Nightfly"
Mu gets all misty in "Pixeleen"
oleander finds dishes of dollars in Augie March
Anthony the ice cat skims "Snowbound"
Egil tosses the Olympian battle apple in "Josie"
Bill takes a pill in "The Last Mall"
Jeffrey Lange goes dime dancing
Patrick  Cleasby has "Lunch" and oleander gets the heebie jeebies
oleander & friends cuddle up with "Janie" in the sugar shack
Clean Willy does it again with "Things I Miss The Most" and "Godwhacker"
South of Muswellbrook decodes the Rebus affair on "West of Hollywood"
Blue dialogue on "Gaucho"
Deacon Jones takes "Gina" to lunch
Hank Silvers unshutters "Pixeleen"
Peter Q in the zone:  "Mortal Inquiries"
Not so new but you gotta check it out anyway:  Liu Chang and the Unified Field Theory of Dan

Seven-digit thanks to Hank Silvers for sagesse and elan.