"I Got The News"

Ooh, this song is so exuberantly sexy.  And shows that it IS possible to write a basically happy song about love, or sex at least, that isn't drivel.  And has what has got to be the best put-down in rock:  "Broadway Duchess, darlin' if you only knew/ Half as much as everybody thinks you do."

    A Lark was a fifties car made by Studebaker, and was hardly a sexy car for the era, but sounds great.

    "Spanish kissin' "--probably another Steely neologism which is right on the verge of becoming a commonplace in the English language.  What say we use our lubricious imaginations on this one?

Garrison Spik, 11/6/98:  "Slow down, I'll tell you when/I may never walk again" -- Lyrics suggesting oral sex.  Specifically a man telling his lover the speed at which to "perform," then reassuring her (him?) that he will let her/him know when he is going to climax.  (Perhaps the lover, to use the popular slang, "doesn't swallow.")  Satisfied and astounded by the ferocity of the orgasm, the subject flatters his lover by the clever "I may never walk again."

Daily Steve (4/13/00):  Could it be, a song about VD (not the day, the social disease)? This is what happens when you do it without a fez on. What a tight song!

Kevin (1/4/02):  If Steely Dan could ever be accused of adding 'filler' tracks to their albums, then "I got the News" would have been receiving my vote for the past twenty or so years.  Its got a disco beat for Goodness sake! How can it compare to the stately majesty of "Aja", or the magnificent sax in the fade on "Black Cow", or, or, or.....
    Then one of the guys in the Steely Dan covers band I play in (www.steelyscam.co.uk), pointed out the middle eight - "Broadway Duchess...." the soaring Michael Macdonald harmonies, the urgency with which that section is played, and now suddenly its up there with the greats!
    I must have played these songs 100 times, both on record, tape, CD and with the band, and I never tire of them.  Awesome.