LINKS--a short and incomplete list
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The Official Steely Dan Home Page (Lyrics here)
Under The Banyan Trees (Lyrics here)
The One, The Only Hoops!'
 The Venerable Dandom Digest--subscribe now!
The Infamous Guestbook (Sign In Stranger)
The Steely Dan Internet Resource (Lyrics here)
Edd Cote's Illustrious Deconstructions
Home Page of Pete Fogel, Archivist Supreme (temporarily out of service)
Metal Leg
Tomas Broberg's Estimable Steely Dan Interzone (Lyrics here)
Joe Murtha's Inimitable Home Page (complete with SD Reader Program)
Chris The Upstart's Rarity Page
Andy "Scoop" Metzger's Watzhot Page, Including MP3's
Howard's Magnificent Joni-Dan Guitar Tab Heaven And More
The labyrinthine and ever-surprising Newsgroup
The exhaustive El Supremo Steely Dan track compendium
Dan from Ireland rewrites the book with the Steely Dan Dictionary
 Matt & Amanda:  Meritorious Saplings Follow the Dan
More sites even on the Steely Dan WebRing

In one or another of these you will find your questions answered.
 To get Brian Sweet's Reelin' In The Years, or The Complete Guide To The Music of Steely Dan--order from, or
and order from MALAPROP'S
You may also find the Sweet books at Omnibus Press.