Hello, I should point out that I am a different person than the one below. I am attempting to bring this site back from the dead, and have again pulled it from the Wayback Machine. Most of it should be working, though some of the broken links and missing images were here when I found it. (Maybe I'll fix those too.) I should also point out that I do not know who originally maintained this site or who the contributors are, so I don't have many plans now to update it ;). You can Email me with any comments at ben (at) whatsmykarma (dot) com (if you can't figure out the rest of that Email, I'm going to assume you're a spammer, sorry). --Ben

Nota bene: Feverdreams.net is currently awol, so I am providing this archived copy; stripped of hard links and Wayback goo (ignore the several missing images). I will take it down if asked by our custodian, or when the site comes back online, whichever comes first.

The Geisha front door lynx oleander

fever dreams
Steely Dan lyric interpretations / shared delusions

Can't Buy A Thrill Countdown To Ecstacy Pretzel Logic Katy Lied The Royal Scam Aja Gaucho
The Nightfly Kamakiriad 11 Tracks of Whack Two Against Nature Everything Must Go &c.

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